Temporary Staffing, Direct-hire and other Employer Services: TS06-21


Dataman can provide services to units of local government including non-profits providing governmental services, through this cooperative purchasing agreement. This Agreement shall be performed during the period which begins June 01 2021.

Dataman has been awarded the HGAC Buy Contact by virtue of a public competitive procurement process compliant with state statutes.

HGACBuy has more than 40 years of experience in cooperative purchasing and serves more than six thousand local governments across the United States. If a government agency is not a member of HGACBuy and would like to utilize this contract, please contact us.

To become an end user of HGAC Buy.


1. Staff Augmentation and Temporary Staffing Services in following categories:

2. Direct-Hire

3. Payrolling Services

DatamanUSA is an Information Technology, Staffing Services, Project Management, Training Services and Business Solutions company that meets the specialized requirements of government agencies of all levels.

Over the last 21 years, more than a thousand Dataman associates have aided our clients in the deployment of successful diverse IT Staffing Services, Information Technology Solutions, Professional Services, Business Solutions, Temporary Staffing, Direct Hire and other Employer Services.

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For more information on the HGAC's Cooperative Purchasing Program: please visit the HGAC Cooperative purchasing program website.

For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information, please contact us at:

Primary Contact:
Simran Panesar

Secondary Contact:
Nidhi Saxena

Please visit HGAC Buy site for DatamanUSA, HGAC Cooperative Agreement- TS06-21