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Information Technology Professional Services Contract

Contract Number: 30-00000-23-00080


We are delighted to share that the State of New Mexico, Department of Information Technology has renewed the Statewide Information Technology Professional Services contract with DatamanUSA. The scope of this contract expands to all State of New Mexico agencies, commissions, institutions, political subdivisions and local public bodies allowed.

Scope of Services

The contract allows Dataman to provide a wide range of Information Technology (IT) Professional Services, which include:

  • Application Support and Development Services
  • IT Project Management, Planning, & Analysis Services
  • Database Management Services and Business Intelligence
  • Geospatial Technological Services
  • End User Support Services
  • Systems Administration Services
  • Network Services
  • IT Security Services
  • IT Training Services
  • IT Business and Process Consulting Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Data Conversion Services

Our Presence in New Mexico

DatamanUSA has been working with the State of New Mexico as a trusted partner for the last 14 years with our local presence in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Throughout this partnership, DatamanUSA has grown to understand the unique business needs of the State of New Mexico and its local agencies and deliver solutions that keep them at the top of innovation. Along with our technical consulting, we have completed multiple staffing engagements for the State of New Mexico and its local agencies.

We have been providing our services to the following state agencies of New Mexico :

  • Department of Information Technology)
  • New Mexico Human Services Department
  • New Mexico Corrections Department

DatamanUSA has been helping State of New Mexico agencies via Statewide IT Professional Services Contract and NASPO ValuePoint Temporary Staffing contract. DatamanUSA also holds following cooperative contracts which may be utilized:

  • BuyBoard
  • HGACBuy
  • GoodBuy

About DatamanUSA

Founded in 2000, DatamanUSA is a leader in solving business problems leveraging Business Process Optimization, Custom Software Development and Project Management. In the last 22 years, we have implemented Oracle Cloud suites of products and Workday HR solutions and have developed many enterprise-wide applications. DatamanUSA continues to keep abreast of latest technology trends and methodologies and has successfully continued to provide state-of- the-art services to the customers.To know more about DatamanUSA, please visit

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Primary Contact:
Karina Sadh

Secondary Contact:
Nidhi Saxena


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