DatamanUSA delivered the new Criminal Information and Management System for New Mexico Correction Department by implementing a GOTS (government off-the-shelf) product owned by National Offender Management System (NCOMS). DatamanUSA was awarded this project as a prime vendor, deliverable based fixed price and multiple phased approach. The project required all phases of COTS-Software Development Cycle and was completed within time and budget.

Project was executed in phased approach where vendor was responsible for implementing GOTS system and development of new modules and application maintenance and support to already implemented modules and existing legacy applications. DatamanUSA was also responsible to provide programming, technical and database support for legacy applications. DatamanUSA also provided Enterprise Architecture. DatamanUSA followed CMM level-III compliant Software Development Life cycle and project management processes. The SOW of whole project was divided into phases. Each phase was divided into a number of well-defined tasks with roles and responsibilities and due date. DatamanUSA delivered these delivered/tasks on time.

DatamanUSA was responsible for whole project management of the project. DatamanUSA developed all project management documents, conducted weekly meeting, submitted weekly and monthly status report, created and maintained risk management plan etc.

This was a fixed price project and scope included tasks and responsibilities listed under this category.

DatamanUSA was the lowest price bidder. DatamanUSA exceeded expectations and completed the project using standard project management practices and process as a result NMCD was able to get much more development then competition within budgeted. DatamanUSA completed three phases for the budgeted amount while other vendors had bid same amount for phase-I. DatamanUSA delivered these tasks on time.