DIR Texas IT Security Service Contract

DatamanUSA provides IT security services via the Texas Department of Information Resources Go DIRect program. IT Security Services are defined as technical or operational services that provide the means to evaluate and secure networks and IT environments including. IT Security Services offered by DatamanUSA through this program are:

A. Security Governance and Advisory Services

  1.   HIPAA Planning, Compliance and Implementation
  2.   DIR Rules, 1 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 202, Information Security Standards, Planning, Compliance and Implementation
  3.   Texas Government Code, Chapter 2059, Information Security Standards, Planning, Compliance and Implementation

B. Network infrastructure discovery, mapping, and inventory services including but not limitedto

  1.   Connection and configuration
  2.   Scanning
  3.   Topology Mapping
  4.   Network Utilization and change detection
  5.   Network Forensics and Hot fix detection

C. Infrastructure Services

  1.   Firewall and VPN policy and architecture review
  2.   IDS/IPS policy and architecture review
  3.   Access control/identity management review/integration services
  4.   Network architecture review
  5.   Host hardening and secure build development
  6.   Disaster Recovery plan review, development and telecommunications redundancy
  7.   High availability architecture review and development

D. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Services

  1.   Perimeter vulnerability scans
  2.   Perimeter penetration scans
  3.   Internal network vulnerability assessments
  4.   Network risk assessments
  5.   Host vulnerability assessments
  6.   Host risk assessments
  7.   Applications architecture assessment
  8.   Applications penetration testing
  9.   Secure code reviews
  10.   Secure applications development services
  11.   Commercial product assessment
  12.   Data security assessment

E. Implementation Services

  1.   Security product deployment and configuration services
  2.   Firewall/VPN deployment and configuration services
  3.   NIDS/NIPS deployment and configuration services
  4.   HIDS/HIPS deployment and configuration services
  5.   PKI and access control design and implementation services

F. Incident Response Services

  1.   Virus outbreak assistance
  2.   Cyber attack response assistance
  3.   Forensic services
  4.   Remediation services

G. Security Support, Intelligence and Alerting Services

  1.   Firewall support services
  2.   Virus outbreak notification services
  3.   Vulnerability alerting services
  4.   Internal threat alerting services
  5.   External threat alerting services

H. Security Training Services

  1.   Firewall training
  2.   Security awareness training program development
  3.   End user security awareness training
  4.   Infrastructure security principles training
  5.   Applications security principles training
  6.   Forensic/Incident response training
  7.   Windows security training
  8.   Hacking techniques and tools training
  9.   IT security certification training
  10.   Compliance reporting
  11.   Security Policy and Guideline Development
Service Description and Pricing: To obtain the detailed service description and pricing, please click here and contact one of the following DatamanUSA, LLC representatives to obtain more information for IT Security Services.

Nidhi Saxena, President
Contact@DatamanUSA.com, 720-248-3110

Gyan Saxena
GP@DatamanUSA.com, (720)-248-3111

DatamanUSA, Address:

DatamanUSA, LLC
6890 S Tucson Way, Ste 100
Centennial, CO-80112
This new contract will help DatamanUSA to expand into the Texas State and provide IT Security Services to state agencies.

   DatamanUSA's Agreement# DIR-SDD-780
   DatamanUSA's Vendor ID: 184-155-2228-500

Go Direct

About Go DIRect Program

The Go DIRect Program allows customers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor. Customers contact the vendor for product and pricing information and send their purchase orders (with the DIR contract number) and payments directly to the Go DIRect vendor, not to DIR. This streamlines the order process so customers receive their products/services more quickly. Eligible DIR customers include Texas state agencies, Texas local government organizations, Texas public higher education institutions, and Texas K-12 school districts. Government entities in other states can also utilize the Go DIRect program if they have an Interlocal agreement with DIR.

For more information on the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) GO DIRect program, please visit to or http://www.dir.state.tx.us.